Clive Richard Weeks name


Clive is a passionate and experienced performer and music teacher who enjoys participating in the many aspects of creating and performing music.

It all started with when Clive was about nine or ten years old and singing lead boy-soprano parts in school and church choirs. Around the same time he had become competent on recorder and was learning flute. After a brief flirtation with drums at high school, it was the lure of the electric guitar that finally captivated him.

Clive was in a series of bands in the eighties and nineties and occasionally performed solo. Around the same time, Clive started to write songs, developing this art and the recording skills required to capture the results, taking on the multiple roles of songwriter, arranger, producer, guitarist, bass player, synth programmer and singer.

In 1993 Clive co-founded Spellbound, a funk/pop band featuring flamboyant stage clothing, and an all-singing two men/two women format. Spellbound recorded a number of songs, and made a film clip of Clive’s song "I'm Free", that was screened on ABC’s Rage, and on Channel 31.

Clive has written music for film and TV and one of his pieces was selected for the main theme of the TV show "Blondies and Redheads".

In 2003, Clive successfully completed a Cert II in Music Industry (Foundation) at the Box Hill Institute (TAFE) majoring in singing — graduating with multiple distinctions.

Clive then spent considerable time developing his musical skills, occasionally performing with past associates and stepping out again as a solo acoustic artist presenting a tasteful mix of covers and originals, ranging from jazz, funk and ballads though to rock and including some instrumentals.

In 2012 he successfully completed a Diploma of Music and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment while continuing to develop his band "Flying Hubcaps". Clive continues teaching singing, guitar, song-writing, stagecraft and more.

In recent times he has teamed up with Shelley van der Werff to form the acoustic duo Clive & Shelley, featuring delightful harmonies across a broad range of genres.

He can bring to any live or studio project a combination of skills including lead and harmony vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, song-writing, theory and arrangement as well as some skills with other instruments.

One of his long-term ambitions is to write more music for film and television and to explore writing orchestral, operatic and choral music. Another goal is to do more work in the area of live and recording audio production.

Music Teacher   •   Vocalist   •   Instrumentalist   •   Performer   •   Composer