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Welcome to the "Spellbound" Web Site

The Band

Formed in mid 1993, the band performed a variety of material with the emphasis on dance and rap music.  Their repertoire was mostly original but included a range of well known covers.

During 1993 the band performed at Banjos, The Carlton Club, The Central Club and at a number of private functions.  They also made a video of their song “I’m Free” that was played on ABC’s “Rage”.

Check out the film clip for yourself on You Tube...

Since that time there have been a couple of Spellbound reunion performances (under different names), but the last time that all of the band played together was New Yera's Eve 1995/96.

Three of the members played an acoustic set as "Look This Way" at the Doncaster Hotel in October 2005 supporting "Frostbyte", a band that featured another member of Spellbound, as well as the director of the "I'm Free" video.

The Members

Terence Bowen: (Bass) had studied piano, bass and drums.  He  composed and had previously played in a number of bands.

Cecilia Rogers: (Keyboards & Vocals) was classically trained in piano.  She had performed in bands of varying musical styles and contributed to song arrangements.

Sandra Shepherd: (Vocals and keyboards) had several years experience singing in amateur musicals and light operas, and continued to take regular singing and piano lessons.

Clive Richard Weeks : (Guitar & Vocals) took up guitar after learning flute and drums.  He has performed in bands, playing both guitar and keyboards, and is was the main songwriter of Spellbound.

Special thanks also to Michael Frost who directed the video for "I'm Free" and who is an excellent drummer in his own right.